Just In Time Fulfillment

Optimize your supply chain by leveraging third party logistic support

Once our team has refurbished your tools and hardware or assembled your point of use kits or light assembly projects, the only thing left to do it get your completed orders back into your supply chain. You can count on Kane to fulfill your supply chain needs and provide superior logistical support including everything from inspections, packaging, warehousing, and just-in-time delivery.



Meeting specifications on your finished manufacturing is vital to your success. If your production line and time frames collide due to a lack of inspectors, you’ll proceed with confidence through every manufacturing process with our facility-trained staff.

With 20 years experience and certification through the ASI Quality Management System, each Kane inspector follows stringent policies and standards to meet military, FAA or QA compliance.


packaging services

Based on your unique packaging needs, Kane Aerospace creates a customized plan to fit your time frames and budget expectations.

Whether you need packaging for fasteners, hardware or perishable items, we provide the machinery and expert staff to ensure quality packaging for your project build or product fulfillment.


warehousing services

If you are looking to increase your floor space by limiting your goods and materials in stock, then count on Kane to warehouse your kits until the moment you need them.

We’ll help you maintain the minimal waste and lean processes you require and ensure that you receive everything just-in-time for production.



Your major shipments no longer need to feel like a major pain. We’ll deliver your stock anywhere in the world to your technicians to facilitate your processes. Or, we can establish point-of-use services to deliver stock directly to your factory floor.

Dealing with emergencies or unexpected delays? Day or night, we’re there for you. Under your contracted service, Kane delivers your assembled kits directly to your factory work stations 24/7.

Quality Assurance is Priority Number One

As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified organization, we have the skills and processes in place to expertly support all of your fulfillment needs and help you maximize your resources to manage a lean supply chain that’s cost effective and flat out delivers when you need it. Use our audited facilities, our skilled workforce, and our proven expertise to automate your production cycle and bring your products to market more affordably and more efficiently than ever.

What Can Kane do for You?

Whatever the size of your project, Kane is built to scale to your needs. Contact Kane today and speak with one of our helpful logistics experts to find out just how much you can save by letting Kane optimize the storage and delivery needs of your supply chain.