Fastener Recovery

Recover used fasteners for pennies on the dollar

Have you ever tossed away your used fasteners and worried about how much money your organization sunk into its fastener budget as it all goes down the drain? Have you ever wished that there was a proven and cost-effective way to avoid this unnecessary waste?

Then good news! Thanks to Kane, that wish is now as good as granted for you.

Ship your mixed standards fasteners to Kane. We’ll sort, inspect, and repackage your fasteners. The recovery techniques promote efficiency through:

  • Quick turnaround process placing fasteners back into production
  • Factory-trained personnel to complete recovery at your location
  • Quality work standards to meet AS9100 aviation standard and ISO 9001:2000 quality standards

Recently a Kane customer noticed the huge savings with hardware reclamation costs. One customer stated that on part number alone, the typical new supplier cost was $410 each compared to 50 cents per unit through our recovery service.

The next time you look at a pile of used fasteners, you’ll see an opportunity to save your organization a bundle of money. Buying new is expensive… but with Kane as your strategic partner, you can significantly reduce your need to buy brand new expensive fasteners while also reducing your waste output and consequently associated disposal and removal costs. Now isn’t that smart?

Contact Kane today and ask us how we can help you give your old fasteners a fresh lease on life!

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Quality Assurance is Priority Number One

As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified organization, we have the skills and processes in place to expertly support all of your hardware and hand tool refurbishment needs and help you maximize your resources to manage a lean supply chain that’s cost effective and flat out delivers when you need it. Use our audited facilities, our skilled workforce, and our proven expertise to automate your production cycle and bring your products to market more affordably and more efficiently than ever.

What Can Kane do for You?

Whatever the size of your project, Kane is built to scale to your needs. Contact Kane today and speak with one of our helpful reconditioning experts to find out just how much you can save by letting Kane inject new life into your dilapidated tools and warn parts.