Kitting & Light Assembly

Streamline production by outsourcing your assembly and kitting projects

Kane provides a diverse array of world class kitting and light assembly services specifically designed to enable you to concentrate on your core business objectives. These value added solutions help to both minimize costs associated with product assembly and to strengthen your manufacturing logistics management.

When it comes to kitting and light assembly our goal is simple… to help you cost effectively move your products to market more efficiently than ever.

Partner with the Best

If you are looking to reduce product to market turn times, then consider your search as good as over.

Our ISO 9001 certified quality management system ensures that we adhere to the strictest performance standards when assembling your products or kits all while meeting your specifications and production guidelines 100% of the time.

At Kane our certified product assembly specialists understand that efficiency and specificity are the keys to a successful kitting process. Our systems are built to assure expert and timely fulfillment all at a cost that is guaranteed to provide your organization with a level of cost savings that is second to none.

The Experience to Reduce Any Overhead

At Kane, we don’t merely assemble kits and products. We are partners dedicated to improving your entire manufacturing work flow to become more efficient and cost effective. We are in the business of expanding your bottom line growth by applying a formula of tried and true systematic solutions paired with just the right touch of creativity based on our decades of experience successfully servicing clients all with unique problems and demands.

We know that cost savings are an important part of your organization’s mission. Contact Kane and find out how we can help you develop a custom lean approach to your production process that slashes your overhead while ensuring that everything from quality to delivery are met to your exact requirements.

Types of Kits We Assemble

Count on Kane to deliver kit assembly that’s rapid and error free. We can assemble just about any kit you can think up, and we are especially proficient in the following.

  • Production Kits
  • Modification Kits
  • Repair Kits
  • Flyaway Kits
  • Tooling Kits

Quality Assurance is Priority Number One

As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified organization, we have the skills and processes in place to expertly support all of your kitting and light assembly needs and help you maximize your resources to manage a lean supply chain that’s cost effective and flat out delivers when you need it. Use our audited facilities, our skilled workforce, and our proven expertise to automate your production cycle and bring your products to market more affordably and more efficiently than ever.

What Can Kane do for You?

Whatever the size of your project, Kane is built to scale to your needs. Contact Kane today and speak with one of our helpful kitting and light assembly experts to find out just how much you can save by letting Kane streamline your production capabilities.